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About Us

Our First Mistake...

Our journey to opening a brewery/restaurant started when I got Martin a homebrew recipe book along with all the grain, hops, and yeast he needed to make his first three batches. It was a Christmas gift to him that I knew he would love. However, things did not go as planned when he invited a friend over, an experienced home brewer, to help him brew his first batch. Neither guy read the recipe and when it was time to add the grain to the hot water I had stepped away to run a quick errand. I returned home to find an empty box and lots of empty packages (all the grain packages for all three different recipes). Upon asking where in the world all the grain went, the reply was “in the pot”. And just like that, Yep! Irish Stout was created. The name is in honor of Martin asking, “Does this package of grain go in the pot?” to which the reply from his friend was, “Yep!” We did have to drink our mistake, which turned out to be a wonderful, dark stout. Thankfully I wrote down what had been added that night and Martin has tweaked it a bit since then, but it is still the wonderful stout it was when we first brewed accident. That experience did not stop us from brewing beer again. Instead it showed us that brewing beer is always an adventure! 

So, many batches of home brew and many awards later, Craft Advisory Brewing is finally open. We are so excited to get to share our love of brewing, and of course our craft beer itself, with all of you. Come on in and see us and ask us about the rest of our journey! Cheers!!

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